Friday, March 23, 2012

A Spring on My Coffée Table: My Succulent Terrarium

Two times it have been that my jewelries were on Etsy front page. The last one was yesterday afternoon.  Talking about a good chance! I feel weird that suddenly the statistic balooned up more than ten times of regular visitors. That's probably how it feels to win a lottery. I don't mind the adrenaline at all :)

But it's not what I wanted to talk about today. You can't just talk about jewelry all the time, well you can actually. Anyhow.

I wanna talk about my two adopted succulent plants.  It's been more than a month that these two little succulents sleep in their too little plastic pots,

I know what I want to do with them but I don't deny that the power of procrastination had invaded me stronger than my will.  Everyday I glanced at them and I said to myself, curse you, do something for them, you don't adopt them just so you can torture them.

So last week I said to myself, That's enough! it is about time to liberate them from their camp and move into their real home.

And there you go! Can you see them in the crowd? D bought the glass jar from habitat long time ago before those little buddy existed. It was actually a cookie jar with a cute wooden lid, but I see a terarrium aquarium once I laid my eyes on this gorgeous container. Wanna take a tour? 

First, the furry fella looks happier than ever. I have placed her on an elevation slightly off the sunshine. Thus, she look a bit slanted looking for a sun exposure. Yeah show your curve sexy lady! 

The second succulent, tho, had went through an accident that injured a couple of his leaves. Another thing I noticed too is that the leaves has thinned up. It looks more like an adult plant with a less fat petals. So sad. But I am still happy with him especially when I see the little bud grows taller. 

The third species in my glass jar habitat are the plants I picked up on the street. They were almost dead off the ground, I picked up a couple of them and amazingly they are the ones that seems to be the happiest member in the family. 
And finally, our old friend, moss. I can't seems to let them go. This fluorescent green moss one is my favorite. Enjoy your weekend! Take advantage of the sun if you can! <3

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