Friday, March 09, 2012

Long Necklaces and a Cocktail Ring

It's friday! yaay.. I so wanted to take a photo of my cutesy terrarium (yeah from the time I created my five glorious moss terrarium I've made one more that is five times, ok maybe a bit exaggerating, two times then, bigger than those little ones. Unfortunately I was too busy making jewelry (not a bad excuse either ;) and this weekend, just sharing what I made..

a classic multipendant long necklace that started with 5 colors version. I can't stop imagining about different colors for these babies.. 

cocktail ring project that stays hanging, I finally made another one. I am not sure how to sell these because I have not master the technique of fixing the ring size just yet. In the mean time just for your eye candy.

Taking advantage of a gorgeous sun this week (spring is here!) I retake some of the photos of my necklaces collection. Thought that having their picture taken with somebody wearing it gives more visibility to those who are interested to buy.. here goes. 

Love making those chunky layer sandalwood beads, am not a big fan of a complicated style this is why I keep it less bling bling. Next, a couple of foldable pieces. Three so far..

Still got others, I probably will continue the work next week, hopefully along with the new models. Anyway, what do you think about the photos? I am taking the photos without the tripod (I've broke two already and not ready to break the third) next to the window. Bon alors, bon weekend! next post, terrarium yaay <3

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  1. wow, you have been productive!!! love the outcome!!! ;)

    love K