Friday, February 24, 2012

My Own Personal Moss Terrarium

When I was little I remembered we had the shady part of the front yard of my parent's house covered with moss.  Everytime my grandmother paid visit she always told my mum to scrape it off.  We never did. Naughty naughty. We love how the neon color highlighted the pavement.

Last week, thank's to a gorgeous weather, I went to a really secret place, just me and the nature, to collect moss. It is amazing how much the variety that you can find on this type of plant.

I don't have a green hand but have been coveting a terrarium. At the beginning the idea was just to fill up an old yogurt jar with plenty of moss and call it a terrarium. But I went out of my way and create four different types of little terrariums.

Decorated a little with lavender buds, It smells great! 

I didn't know I had more jar than I do somewhere in the kitchen.  

The biggest of all four, I combined the little tige of a dragon fruit plant with moss. A little cake topper should be under this 'huge' tree but it keeps on falling down, so he had to be taken away. so sad. 

And this last is my favorite..

I adopted this abandoned succulent bud who grew slightly detached from the earth. She was dry and almost died, but now she seemed to be happy in her new home. My heart smiles.

A family photo! Say cheese! 

I have a hunch that this adventure with the terrarium is far from end... Perhaps one of these days I'd go to the same sacred place to adopt more of that little chlorophyllic natural carpet. I hope you have an eco weekend!

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