Monday, March 05, 2012

Turquoise and Orange

I have been having a crush with these two colors. Together they look radiant and jolly. My silver wires arrived last week, and it is a perfect time to make something gorgeous out of these two colors. The first thing in my mind is to make an indian bollywood style earrings, but it turned out to be a bit simpler than that..

This is how it looks like worn, maybe if my personal photographer had time he'd take better photo of me in this earrings. 

Next I came up with a short necklace, I wouldn't call it a statement necklace for it's not completely huge, but with its color, the necklace tends to look bigger than its real size. Here goes the photo and I let you be the judge. 

Lastly, Chandelier earrings is the piece of jewelry I enjoy making the most, but I can't really say that I like a standard french hook.  So for the matching earrings I created a simple stud earrings and added a super short chain drop to make it more feminine and dangly. 

I promise to share you more of what I made. I have another set, with a slightly different style but the same concept and a subtler color.  I hope to find a time to post it on Les Bijoux de Siany. Enjoy your monday! 

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