Friday, July 13, 2012

Back from Vacation and a Sneak Peak of My New Collection

Hei I am back in France! I started an early summer vacation, from the fourth week of May to the beginning week of July.  I flew to the US to spend two weeks of relaxing quality time with my parents before celebrating my brother's wedding in Arizona.  Then we took a road trip to Vegas and California.  And finally flew to the East Coast to meet with D's big family.  It was a long and fulfilling vacation for us. Flying back home, we asked each other, why do we even stuck in France while everybody we love live in the US. Life is weird and the question stays unanswered. For the moment we know that la France is our home and we are ready to continue our pursuit and excited to built the future together. 

Coming back, I unveil my unfinished project, and there you go after a week of work, in no special order.. 

I have made a couple of thin double-strand bracelet and necklace out of peach fresh water pearl and a heart champagne swarovski crystals for the summer brides. If you don't see it up sooner, please don't hesitate to email me for detail. 

This is my revisited green multiple pendant long necklace  I sold a long time ago. With more color added to the collection, and replace the briolette with a swarovski crystals, this new pendant is smaller but it is brighter. 

And more coming, I still finishing up two or three colors of multiple pendants, the mint and peach is one of them and already up on LBDS.  Have a good weekend! 

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