Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Second Sale Event on Etsy

Yaay! I celebrate my second sale event on Etsy store. It's been awhile I am an etsy member, but it's only towards the end of 2010 I've ever sold anything here. I've created jewelry since 2005, it's been friends and family who supported me until three years ago I moved to France and have less friends here than back home in Indonesia.  The only connection I know is etsy, so while studying the language, I uploaded the photos and crossing my fingers that anyone would peek into my handmade store.

The first sales experience has been a blast! Finding out that my jewelries are actually liked by other people.  There are so many things going on after last year, I made plenty of friends through etsy teams, and I learn so much about how to promote the product.  In short, come check out my creation! bisous!

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