Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Champagne Cork Magnet

Say you have couples pairs of stud earrings you wear interchangingly everyday, of course the best way to organize your fashion jewelry is to store it in a cabinet or drawer, but you just bought this new pair and you want to be able to see them everytime you have a chance to (just like a new boyfriend right). 

Here goes a solution:  cut horizontally an inch out of an old champagne cork and glued a magnet behind it. It'll hug tight almost any metal object at your home.  Then for the jewelry, do what I did on the above and below photos.  I don't recommend the fridge though, imagine them rubbed off with a sticky raw meat or who knows your kids accidentally spill a soda everywhere. 

While D recycled his old dell, I recovered the two metal covers and transform it into a magnetic board.  I talked about one of them here last time, and the other one is refurbished into a jewelry display. I might need to dress it with some nice fabrique someday, but for the moment I fancy its industrial edge. 

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