Friday, August 17, 2012

Freshen Up my Home and Recycle

I spent the last two days freshening up our apartment.  Obviously we have too much junk that can't wait to meet their friends at the recycle bin.  Letting go stuff is hard for us, I don't deny that I love collecting junks. But thanks to our small living space that force us to recycle and, if we can't help it, to hoard smartly so we don't make our home looks like pack rat's chateau. 

After a long hours throwing away,sniff, stuff. I reward myself with a modest and fun working corner. I reused an old computer case as a magnetic board.  D made a wire out of an old metal stick we have from demantling a separator between our room and the living room and forged it into an over the door coat hook, I reused it to hold my notebooks and scrap papers.  It is practical and since it is hanged, it really save a lot of space.  And finally you've noticed a rattan compartment, and an old whiskey bottle case made out of tin to organize the stuff thats normally hangs out freely on the table.   

Do you remember this little bud from my moss terarium?  Well it is growing into the plant in the violet vase right now.  With a blush line highlighting the edge of the leaves, the bud might look more attractive and cuter, but I can't deny how much proud I am to see it is growing so big and bunch.

Well hope you are motivated to do something around the house this weekend, or is it too gorgeous outside to stay inside? Whatever you do, please smile like this little bud that's too happy to see the world. 

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