Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Weekend

Saturday D and I had planned to visit La Sorbonne for the Journée du Patrimoine (Heritage Day) but we couldn't resist the beautiful day and stay outside instead.  Having falafel for lunch, hang out around Le Marais, visited our favorite store, FLEUX', and found a couple of coup de coeur..

What do you think about this geometry box for the home of your jewelry collection? I think it's neat.  

Black jewelry organizer tree is rather classic for a jewelry organizer, but I still think it's practical and the black would really match my colorful collection. 

I have been looking for a short stool for the mudroom.  Don't get me wrong, living in Paris, this means a little two by two meter square space at the entrance to park your jackets, shoes, umbrellas, bags, and keys.  So I thought that this stool might be a comfortable things to sit on while taking of shoes after a long day.

What did you do last weekend? 

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