Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Giveaway

For you who live in Europe or US, I am giving away one of this seven colorful tiny stackable bracelets.  Silver wirewrapped, a line of color coordinated swarovski crystals, semiprecious, and fresh water pearls in a delicate silver bracelets.  Comes in happy colors. My friend, Vina, baptised this collection "See Me Happy".
Designed to be worn tight, and stackable.  Who said that you can only wear dark colors on the fall? This autumn you'd still be fashionable with your warm jacket and this cute little bracelet on your wrist.

To win this bracelet, I need your help picking names for each colors.  You don't have to name them all, just the one you like the most.  On October 31 I'll pick seven names I love, and the ultimate winner will be voted by the audience.

Easy right?
choose the bracelet,
give it a name,
leave a comment on this blog entry,
follow this blog,
tweet this #tuesdaygiveaway including @sianykitty and link to this blog,
like me on facebook,
and.. win.

Ready? get set, choose!


I'll let you dream of beautiful names... meanwhile, Have fun and Good luck! kiss


  1. Hi Sian, can you ship to Houston?? hahaha, I know it's for European only :)

    Anyway, just thought I like your #7, it's so colorful and I am thinking the name Neptune or Aagean (like the Aagean Sea in Greek) :)

    Glad to see that you are still making jewelries :)

  2. Hi Siany,

    I liked you on Facebook and tweeted your giveaway and am following your blog.

    #1 - Inferno


  3. Hello Mery, Definitely! This event is for you who live in the US and Europe, thus you are eligible :)

  4. 1. Phoenix
    2. Ocean Breeze
    3. Arabian
    4. Sandy beach
    5. Violet
    6. Pastel
    5. Sea glass

    tweeted, followed blog and liked FB page :)

  5. Hi gal,
    I know I'm not eligible, but still want to give some ideas as I like all ur designs haahahaa.
    1. Atomic Red
    2. Peacock Blue
    3. Sunflower Gold
    4. Peachy Peach
    5. Lavender in Love
    6. Aqua-blue
    7. Emerald green
    Happy designing... Herawati;)

    1. Thank you Hera! <3 next time I'm in Indo I'll run a giveaway like this for my friends!

  6. Hello! If you need to contact me my email is FashionLivesinme@gmail.com

    1. Radiant Red
    2. Soothing Mist
    3. Sandy Sunrise
    4. Tangerine Twist
    5. Dusk before Dawn
    6. Cotton Candy Dream
    7. Don't Rain on my Parade!