Friday, December 15, 2017

Do You Have Hoop Earrings?

Hello there, can I talk to you about what have filled my bench these days? (bench? I mean, well you know.) They are the hoop earrings.  In case you are completely clueless of what it is, I found an great article about it: here is an introduction on what hoop earrings is and how to wear them.  But if you ask for my opinion here it is:

Casual small, Glam large.
Mountain small, Beach large.
Street large, party larger, wedding I should say medium.
Office small or medium.
And groceries, post office, walking dog, taking kids to school, doctor visit..  Large, Large, Large..

Don't we all dream about going somewhere special and what to wear etc while most of the time it only happens very rarely. And worstly, we ignore for the fact that it is also important to look good everyday. This means going to groceries, post office, and other errand places.

Out of curiosity, do you wear jewelry everyday? I wear a small pair of earrings, and my wedding ring, everyday. Even if I don't go out that day, it is more like a ritual for me to look good and to feel good. Do you have a ritual to feel good?

I do. I woke up around 7 AM in the morning, then coffee, while waiting for it to brew I stretch, and say my affirmation phrases.  And at night before bed I pray for everybody I love. These are my ritual to feel good.


I rarely wear XL hoops, but if I do I feel so great.  At the beginning of my creation, the largest round hoop I have created then had been the one with the diameter of 1.75 inches (or 4.5 cm) It was quite big.

Then it was not big enough, and moved to 2.35 inches ( or 6 cm) in diameter, like the one below.

Then the summer came and for some reason the idea to make flower shape hoop earrings came about.  Voila it came in mediumlargeextra large in rose gold filled, and extra extra large in yellow gold filled.

The last shape I have made, just this week, is the oval, in two sizes: small and extra large.

This is me with the XL oval hoop. And while typing all these, I am thinking about should I watch The Bachelor, What is the last name of Prince Harry's fiancée, is it Merkel or Markle? and I am also listening to this.

So, Which one is your favorite? and out of curiosity, do you also multitask? 


  1. I love hoop earrings, big or small :)

  2. I love hoop earrings in any size as well, essentially with gemstones :)

  3. Large hoops earrings forever!!! Well, I'm from Spain, what can I say... ;)

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