Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Simple Gesture to Make a Christmas Present Special

This holiday season I wanted to make something special for my customers on Les Bijoux de Siany.  While staying on a low budget, I know rightaway that, following my nature, it should be something crafty and DIY. Thus, was born a rustic red christmas tree on top of (my) handwriting.

You've probably guessed how to do this, but I'll just share anyway. Ready? Go.  You need an old eraser that you don't wish to use anymore, a cutter, a red inkpad, and a green pen.

On the old eraser draw a simple design you like, it can be a chrismas tree (like mine), snowflakes, mistletoes, santa's hat, socks, or candy cane.  I don't recommend cat, dog, or parkeets though, I know you might love your dog or cat very much, but then the receiver of your christmas present might not know that it's actually a christmas gift. If you insist on having an animal, reindeers might work better.

Then cut off the sides and dip it in the inkpad. Mine is red but you can definitely do whichever color you'd like. Green is perhaps also nice, since most of the christmas trees are green :) 

Here's the detail photo maybe it'd help you to see how it is cut. 

I use a cutter, but if you have a carver at home it might work better, your design might be more detail and prettier than just a simple triangle tree. 

So what do I do with it? 

I stamp it on any paper, cut them, and wrote "Joyeux Noel" to make sure the message delivered. 

Then I hole-punch the corner and attached it on the package. 

Like this! 

Like it? Do you do something special on packing your holiday gift? I'd like to know. 

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  1. this is beyond adorable. Love it! Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo